Early LDS Church Apostasy Timeline Chart

Early LDS Church Apostasy Timeline Chart
© Early LDS Church Apostasy Timeline Chart


Genesis 22:18 – Abrahamic Covenant

Isaiah 10:20 – Remnant escaped

Isaiah 11:11 – Israel gathered

Isaiah 29:11 – Book to come forth

Isaiah 29:14 – A Marvelous Work and A Wonder

Jeremiah 50:17 – Israel Scattered

John 10:16 – Other sheep

2 Nephi 3:15 – Joe, son of Joseph, a descendant of Joseph  of Egypt

3 Nephi 21:9 – Work of the Father

3 Nephi 21:23 – USA

D&C 3:12 – Lost 116 pages

D&C 9:2  – Additional records promised

D&C 10:54 – Church existed before Joe’s

D&C 20 – Joe’s church

D&C 28:8 – Mission to  theIndians

D&C 41 – Joe aligns with Sidney Rigdon

D&C 45:64 – Church gathers at Kirtland

D&C 68:27 – Child baptism

D&C 84 – Priesthoods

D&C 132 – Polygamy, Godhood

BoC IV:5 – “Reformation”

Campbell, Alexander, Delusions: an analysis of the Book of Mormon: with an examination of its internal and external evidences, and a refutation of its pretences to divine authority

Campbell, Thomas, Declaration and Address, 1809

Clinton, DeWitt, Memoir on the Antiquities of the Western Parts of the State of New York by Governor De Witt Clinton, 1820

Cowdery, Oliver, Articles of the Church of Christ

Grinde, Donald, The Iroquois and the Origins of American Democracy, 2003

Larkin, Frederick, Ancient Man in America Including Works in Western New York and Portions of Other States, 1880

Pratt, Parley – Mission to Lamanites

Smith, Joseph, Joseph Smith History – first vision, angel visits, the plates, church founding, etc.

Turner, Orsamus, Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York by O. Turner, 1850

Whitmer, David, An Address to All Christians