Sad Tidings From Cumorah – D&C 128

What do we hear from Cumorah? Sad tidings from Moroni returned to declare the complete apostasy of the Mormon Church and the withdrawal of God’s favor after 200 years (1823-2023). The book that was revealed has been obscured and left by its stewards for other verses and doctrines not supported by it. 

The voice of the Lord still proclaims the Nephite record to be the true record of His people who once inhabited western New York, where the record came forth. His condemnation of those who left it behind for the doctrines of men (D&C 84:54-57) and their theories that its history took place somewhere else remains (2 Nephi 28:31).

As the American New Jerusalem king, set up long before the Book of Mormon came forth (1776), He has pronounced His disfavor with its people and the government, and God has withdrawn His favor over America. Another divine act will not save her; she will suffer the same fate as the defiant who previously inhabited the lands.

And the salt designed by God to be the savor of the earth, scattered Israel, and the American New Jerusalem has become corrupted and will soon be trodden under the foot of man as forewarned (Matthew 5:13) and prophesied (3 Nephi 16:15). The prophecies that the elders of the church will save the nation when its Constitution hangs by a thread will not be realized; all is lost and will fall as those of old.

Save your souls at least by coming out of the wicked church that obscured the sacred record and thwarted it from fulfilling its prophesied purpose, i.e., it has not gone to the Jews, and there still is not a Hebrew edition of the Book of Mormon.