Temples Lack Jesus

With the hundreds of Mormon Temples worldwide and their assumed profound ceremonies, one might ask, is the focus of these rituals about the Lord Jesus? Surely, the deeper things found only in Mormon Temples are about Him, right? Sadly, no.

Surely, all that expense for creating such beautiful buildings is honoring the Lord Jesus, but nothing is distinctly for or about Him.

Surely the commandment to “always remember Him” with the “Sacrament” (Holy Communion) is at the core of the Temple Endowment? No. Surely it’s offered at some point during Temple ceremonies? No. Surely it’s offered in the Celestial, Baptismal, or Sealing Rooms? No.

What about His Passion? Surely all that Our Lord suffered is recognized throughout the Temples? No. There is only a brief mention in the handshake regarding the “pure sign of the cross.”

Is there depth in learning about what our Lord went through, like the Stations of the Cross? None. So Mormons take Sacrament/Communion weekly—which is to remember His suffering—but they don’t devote time to deeply ponder the weight of His suffering and are against the use of crosses? Yes.

Instruction Rooms | Celestial Room | Sealing Rooms | Baptistry for Ancestors

If the things in the Temples are meant to instruct members how to live better lives, why restrict that knowledge only to the Temples? The Temple Endowment was leaked to the world in 1879 and contains nothing profound or sacred. The oaths are shameful; no wonder they wanted to keep them secret as they included:

    • swearing vengeance on the United States
    • swearing a blood oath if you should tell
    • swearing everything you have—not to Christ—but to the Mormon Church
    • women swearing to obey their husband’s law before Christ

All ordinances performed in Temples were previously performed outside, in small rooms and houses. There is no requirement that they be performed in multi-million-dollar buildings. (https://bomchristian.com/doctrine/temples/)