Child Baptism

Mormons routinely baptize children at the age of eight (3rd grade) for “SIN”:

27 And their children shall be baptized for the REMISSION OF THEIR SINS when EIGHT YEARS OLD (D&C 68)

These are some of the questions baptismal candidates are asked during the baptismal interview:

Do you feel that you have repented of your past transgressions?

  • Are you now on probation or parole?
  • Have you ever participated in an abortion?
  • Have you ever participated in a homosexual relationship?

What do you understand by the following standards?

  • The law of chastity, which prohibits any sexual relationship outside the bonds of a legal marriage between a man and a woman.

The practice of baptizing children for the “remission of sins” and discussing such matters with 3rd graders is unnecessary:

9 I know that it is solemn mockery before God, that ye should baptize little children. (Moroni 8)