Crowned King

Mandate by Jesus

11 And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and THERE SHALL BE NO KINGS UPON THE LAND (2 Nephi 10)

Joseph Smith Et Al. Disobeyed

The belief that Joseph Smith had been crowned as king of an earthly theocracy, along with rumors of temple-related ceremonies in which Smith and others were anointed kings and priests, spread among both dissidents within the church and opponents and observers outside the church. The dissidents who published the Nauvoo Expositor in June 1844 accused Smith of attempting to establish a tyrannical theocracy.

In his account of Smith’s death, Illinois newspaper publisher George T. M. Davis claimed that Smith had been “crowned KING under God, over the immediate house of Israel. This ceremony was performed in 1842, by a council of fifty in number, denominated the ‘Ancient of Days.’ And thence forward his authority as such was recognized and obeyed by the church and its authority in all respects and under all circumstances.”

So common were rumors of these actions in the summer of 1844 that Illinois governor Thomas Ford placed the belief that Smith “had caused himself to be crowned and anointed King of the Mormons” first in a list of “causes of excitement” that led to his death. (“The Council of Fifty in Nauvoo, Illinois,” Joseph Smith Papers Project,

Servants to Joseph Smith Forever

All priesthood covenants made in the Mormon Church (and its off-shoots) enslave a person to Joe in life and death.  Joe, Hryum, and the whole lot of defilers before God roam Mormon communities possessing whomever they want who are contracted to them. Why is porn use so high among Mormons? Now you know why.  The only way the deceased pervert polygamists get their fix is by possessing the bodies of men and having sex through them.

  • lingering spirits are real
  • spirit possessions are real
  • Joe et al. are not the exception

Mormon Prophet a King

The Church is a kingdom. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Eternal King, and the President of the Church, the MOUTHPIECE OF GOD ON EARTH, IS THE EARTHLY KING. All things come to the Church from the King of the kingdom in heaven, through the KING of the KINGDOM on EARTH. (Bruce Redd McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, Deseret Book, 1966, p. 298)

Come out of your contracts with Joseph Smith by having your name officially removed from the Mormon Church, and do so as quickly as possible.